Trump Golf Statistics

Trump’s Current Golf Outings: 298

Current Cost to the Tax Payer: ~+$105 million

Trump has golfed 136 times in 86 weeks which is middle of the pack compared to other golfing presidents. Trump has spent around 679 hours in total golfing. Trump spends between 4 and 6 hours golfing every outing.

Make sure to check back on a regular basis to see how many times Trump has gone golfing since becoming president. Also, we track how much time Trump has spent golfing. Check out our Donald Trump golfing fun facts listed below the other golfing presidents!

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Keeping track of President Trump’s golf trips and seeing how it stacks up to his predecessors.

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Trumps golf track record. Trump has golfed 136 times and an average of 87 time per years. And golfed every 4 days. Obama Golf Count Bush Golf Count of 24 outings
                      Eisenhower         Wilson

How to learn more about these Presidents:

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Donald Trump

Barrack Obama

George W. Bush

Dwight Eisenhower

Woodrow Wilson

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Fun facts and Donald Trump Golfing Q&A:

Donald Trump and golfing are synonymous with each other. Ever since college, Trump has loved to golf. His love for the sport eventually developed into acquiring golf courses and building a substantial golf real estate portfolio. He has become a common figure on the golf scene. So, what’s his story and when did this golf obsession begin? Here at Presidential Golf Tracker we take a look into Trump’s history with the sport and hopefully provide some insight into why he can’t keep away from the golf course.

When did Trump start golfing?

As we were reminded several times during Trump’s 2016 campaign, he attended the Ivy League college, the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1968. It was while he was there that he picked up golfing from his Ivy League cohorts. In a 2014 interview with Golf Digest, Trump discussed picking up the game and developing his skills by learning from the local course hustlers.

“I had friends that were golfers. I’d never played golf—I always played baseball and football and stuff. And so I’d go out to Cobbs Creek, in Philadelphia…I played golf with my friends, and then I started to play with the hustlers. And I learned a lot. I learned about golf, I learned about gambling. I learned about everything.”

Are these some of the same ‘skills’ he is applying to governing the United States?

What type of golf course is Cobbs Creek in Philadelphia?

Cobbs Creek is the first public course established in Philadelphia in 1919. It’s approximately a 19-minute drive from President Trump’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. Cobbs Creek is a no-frills course not known for being well manicured. In fact, many golfers who play at the course complain about its conditions and if you look it up on Google maps satellite view you can see numerous divot marks all over the course. Common complaints are that the course has an old feel with dead grass, a lack of beverage carts, as well as water in the bunkers. The one thing golfers do enjoy about Cobbs Creek is its lower prices.

And they say the president was born with a silver spoon in his mouth…

How good of a golfer is Trump?

Trump is known to be a solid golfer with an aggressive swing and quick hips. When watching footage of his swing, it looks confident but slightly flawed. The flaw in his swing revolves around the misalignment in his shoulders at the top of the swing. He corrects the misalignment mid-swing and manages to hit the ball straight with force. He claims that his swing is self-taught and that he has never stuck with a golf instructor for long. In various interviews he has mentioned that he developed his swing from reading the book Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf.

“For me, it’s all about the hips…Just get them out of the way as fast and as hard as I can and let the arms really swing through. I read about the hips a long time ago in Ben Hogan’s book, and it became my simple key, and I’ve stayed with it. It might look a little crazy, but the more I clear, the straighter I hit it.”

Trump’s strength is his long game; he consistently hits 230 yards off the tee. His weakness is the short game; he is known to have trouble with putting, chipping and bunker shots, says Tom Watson (a former #1-ranked golfer). Watson knows how to golf and in an interview on CNBC, he ranked President Trump as the best of the four presidents he has played with.

What type of clubs does President Trump use?

We’re having a tough time figuring out what kind of golf clubs Trump currently uses. However, based on some of his golf clubs that went on sale at an auction in July 2017, we know that he has previously used a TaylorMade RAC TP Forged Irons, 3-PW. They were true tempered Dynamic Gold S300 shafts with red and black Golf Pride Durometer grips. The hosel (the place on a golf club where the shaft is connected to the clubhead) of each golf stick is engraved “D. Trump” as reported by The clubs sold at auction for $29,798.

What are Trump’s favorite golf courses?

Golf Digest ran a series asking famous golfers and golf personalities to write down their top ten favorite courses. Trump wrote his picks down on official Trump Organization letterhead. Interestingly, none of the other golfers listed any of Trump’s courses on their top 10 lists.

1. Trump National Golf Club – Bedminster, New Jersey

Donald Trump built his Bedminster golf course from the ground up, completing it in 2014. No wonder it is his all-time favorite course. Located approximately 46 miles from Manhattan or an hour’s drive by car, or 20 minutes by helicopter (if you have one). The other reason this course is special to Trump is his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared were married there. Even after becoming the 45th President of the United States, Trump can’t stay away from this golf course and continues to sneak out there for weekend outings.

2. Winged Foot Golf Club – Westchester, New York

This golf course, located in Mamaroneck in Westchester county, New York, originally opened in 1923 and has hosted the U.S. Open five times.

3. Trump National Golf Club – Westchester, New York

Trump acquired this golf course in 1996 for $7.5 million through a foreclosure deal. He rebuilt the course and club house in 2002.

4. Trump International Golf Club – West Palm Beach, Florida

The president goes to this course quite often, especially in the winter months. This  massive 27-hole course is a quick nine-minute drive or 4.4 miles away from the “Winter White House” at Mar-a-Lago. The budget for the course was $40 million and was opened in 1999. The initiation fee for membership was rumored to be $150,000 with an annual due equal to $25,000 back in 2011. Now that Trump has become president and can often be seen at the course, those fees are probably a lot higher now.

5. Augusta National – Augusta, Georgia

Established in 1933 and one of the most famous courses in the world, this club has drawn significant controversies over the years. The course didn’t allow African Americans to play until 1990, and women until 2012. The golf course has hosted the Masters Tournament since 1934.

6. Cypress Point – Virginia Beach, Virginia

7. Trump National Golf Club – Los Angeles, California

8. Oakmont – Santa Rosa, California

9. Trump National Golf Club – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

10. Pebble Beach – Pebble Beach, California

Where are all of Trump’s golf courses located? And how many does he own?

If you’re like us, you’ve wondered ‘How many golf courses does Trump actually own?’ The answer is sixteen golf courses worldwide. He owns eleven on the east coast of the United States, one on the west coast, and four internationally. The Trump Organization currently has three other international courses in development that are listed as coming soon on it’s website.

  1. Trump International Golf Links – Aberdeen, Scotland
  2. Trump International Golf Links – Doonbeg, Ireland
  3. Trump Doral – Miami, Florida
  4. Trump Golf Links – Ferry Point, New York
  5. Trump National – Los Angeles, California
  6. Trump Turnberry – Turnberry, Scotland
  7. Trump International Golf Club – Dubai, UAE
  8. Trump National – Bedminster, New Jersey (Private)
  9. Trump National – Charlotte, North Carolina (Private)
  10. Trump National – Colts Neck, New Jersey (Private)
  11. Trump National – Hudson Valley, New York (Private)
  12. Trump National – Jupiter, Florida (Private)
  13. Trump International – Palm Beach, Florida (Private)
  14. Trump National – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Private)
  15. Trump National – Washington, D.C. (Private)
  16. Trump National – Westchester, New York (Private)

Listed as coming soon on

  1. Trump International – Trump World Golf Club – Dubai, UAE
  2. Trump International – Lido City, Indonesia
  3. Trump International – Bali, Indonesia

Continue to come back to see how many times Trump has played golf and how much time Trump has spent golfing.