Biden vs Trump: Golfing Habits and Controversy


With only a few months to go before the next U.S. presidential election, we thought we would take the time see what Joe Biden’s golfing habits are.We want to know if the presumptive democrat nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, is a golfer and if so how good of a golfer is he. Is he better than President Trump? We want to know and we think you do too.

Does Joe Biden Golf?

Yes, Joe Biden is a golfer and a decent one at that. He started playing golf around 20 years ago, when he turned 57 years old.

According to Biden, he has a 6.3 handicap which was reported by Golf Digest. However, in 2016, Golf Digest estimated that the vice president’s golf handicap was around 10.

Some of his political rivals, like former Ohio Governor John Kasich, have disputed Joe Biden’s clams of being a good golfer. During a speech at the Republican National Convention Kasich said, “Joe Biden told me that he was a good golfer. And I’ve played golf with Joe Biden, I can tell you that’s not true, as well as all of the other things that he says.”

Ouch! Well here at Presidential Golf Tracker, it doesn’t matter if Joe Biden is good or bad at golf. If the former vice president wins the 2020 election, we are just happy that he plays golf in the first place and we can keep this site going!

Is Joe Biden a Better Golfer Than Trump?

No, Joe Biden is not a better golfer than Donald Trump, when measured by self-proclaimed golf handicaps. President Trump claims he has a golf handicap of 2.8 and former Vice President Biden claims he has a handicap of 6.3.

It’s difficult to know for sure who is the better golfer when we only have self-disclosed golf handicaps to rely on.

But, it is our opinion that Trump is probably the better golfer because he has golfed approximately 30 years longer than Biden. Trump has golfed since 1968 and Biden since 2001.

Biden vs Trump Golfing Habits and Controversy

With the election nearing, the rivalry between Trump and Biden has certainly been heating up and there have been many instances where they have butted heads. Throughout Trump’s first term in office, Biden has been quite vocal about the president’s golfing habits, but his most recent attack was quite striking.

In an ad that was aired over Memorial Day weekend 2020, Biden criticized Trump for playing golf while almost 100,000 Americans have died from the COVID-19 coronavirus and millions have lost their jobs.

Many Trump supporters cried foul and pointed out Biden’s own golfing history and wasteful spending as vice president as the reason why he shouldn’t be so critical.

The controversy lies in the fact that Joe Biden flew on Air Force 2 many times to play golf with president Obama and other politicians during his term as vice president, costing the U.S. tax payers money. Air Force records show that almost $1 million in costs were incurred flying between Joint Base Andrews, Washington D.C. and Wilmington, Delaware between 2009 and 2013. Unfortunately, the exact amount spent on golf-related trips by Biden is unknown.

Interestingly, our own estimates of total costs to the U.S. tax payer for President Trump’s golf habit is over 100 times the amount compared to Biden’s estimated cost. Estimates on total Trump golfing costs are above $100 million.

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