Barack Obama

Handicap: 13 | Rounds played: 333 | Per year Average: 42


Obama, who took up golf in his mid-30s as a relaxing alternative to basketball, is said to hit a straight drive and have a decent chipper, but poor bunker shots. He is the eighth left-hander in the White House but the first to play golf.

As when he is on the basketball court, his golfing buddies claim that Obama can be a trash-talker, trying to get in to the head of his opponents to make them mess up their shots. Yet, even as a president, he never bent the rules or inflated his scores.

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While in office Obama golfed with some of his political rivals in an attempt to get legislation pushed through. There were a few times when he and former Speaker of the House Boehner golfed together despite their differences.

After a brief stint with a Nike driver, Obama seems to have returned to his Titleist, and is said to be working on his sand game.

Many have criticized Obama for playing a lot of golf while serving as president. It’s true Obama played a decent amount of golf while serving but compared to his successor it’s cost a lot less to the US taxpayer.  The main reason why Obama’s golf habit cost less than Trumps is that he played mostly on local military base golf courses.

Trump plays on his own courses which are costly and don’t have the same level of security infrastructure that the military courses do.

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