Trump’s Golfing Tweets

It is no secret that our golfer in chief loves to golf, but he might love tweeting even more. Trump is known for his late night and early morning tweet storms. Twitter allows the President to instantly connect with both his supporters and detractors without the normal filtering that takes place when issuing official White House press releases.

Trump’s use of twitter has been criticized often for his lack of self censorship and putting national security at risk. He responded to his critics calling his use of Twitter as not presidential with the following:

In this post we’re putting aside the lack of tact associated with modern day presidential behavior to focus on what really matters: What are President Trump’s best twitter posts on the topic of golf? We’re going to cover it all: from Trump’s tweets related to the his arch nemesis and predecessor Barack Obama’s golfing habits, to golfing and diplomacy, and other golfing-related posts.

15 Tweets related to Trump’s nemesis and fellow golfing enthusiast Barack Obama:

5 Tweets related to golfing and diplomacy during Trump’s presidency:

5 Tweets related to general golfing topics:

We here at Presidential Golf Tracker will continue to add to the collection of tweets as Trump enters into the 2nd half of his term.